Canned Customer Service Email Responses

Canned Emails are one of the most popular response methods for Customer Service. They can be a good way to answer questions but they also hold the potential to destroy a relationship with the customer if an incorrect or not detailed enough pre-written response is provided.

Sometimes people use automatic email response systems called autoresponders. This auto response email is the perfect way to handle simple questions that your customers might have or to use as a way for an immediate response to let them know you will be contacting them asap. You will need an email response management program to do this (autoresponder) but a lot of people want the ability to see the email and then decide what email response to provide themselves. This opened ended questions method for customer service is a bit nicer way to provide emails back to your customers.

An email automatic responder can reply automatically to the sender with a specific preset message. This email automatic responder message is prepared in advance and is used repeatedly: every time it receives a message. It can also do something with the information in the email it receives, like adding the email address of the sender to a database, etc.